Testimonial by KH1:

I've been to many Chiropractors and holistic care professionals in my life. It's refreshing to have a simple care provider who helps me remain healthy and does not bombard me with technological advances. It's Simple, Affordable Care.


Testimonial by ED85 :

I went to Dr. Jallo after having a bicycle accident that left me out of commission for a few weeks. That was three years ago and i visit him for adjustments every other month. He is a talented individual that was able to help me be active again. He really cares about his patients and his prices are very reasonble. Thank you Dr. Jallo.


Testimonial by CJ3 :

Gary Jallo is a great chiropractor. He’s personable and sweet… and is really knowledgeable about physical health. He does muscle manipulation on your back muscles before he adjusts you (so that your body will be able to hold the adjustments better). He’s helped me get rid of headaches and manage strange holding patterns from old injuries. I’d recommend him to anybody who would like to get regular tune-ups… or for anybody who is healing from an injury. He’s affordable professional… and he does awesome adjustments.

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